Temp it
EsTemp temporary cement
Es Bond Kit
Es Bond Refill
Es com100 is a light-curing restorative micro hybrid composite
Es com 100 is a light-curing restorative micro hybrid composite Refill ( A1 , A2 , A3 , B2 )
EsFlow uses various sized nano-fillers and high molecular weighted Urethane Methacrylate monomer. It makes EsFlow to have superior compressive strength and lower polymerization shrinkage upon curing. Es Flow is appropriate for anterior and posteri
Baseit contains Calcium Hydroxyapatite in Urethane methacrylate oligomer. It makes to reduce the pulp irritation and to have low polymerization shrinkage.
SPIDENT Gutta Percha Points are precision hand-rolled to the most exacting standards and are the most precise and resilient product available.
SPIDENT Absorbent Paper Points are made from highly absorbent paper. Every point is hand-rolled to ensure precision and toavoid curing or bending.
oftPrep is a 17% EDTA for lubricant and chelating in root canal. SoftPrep makes smooth binding and prevents breaking of files. The water soluble base makes no residue and easily removes calcifications.