Sixth Scientific Conference of the disease Pediatrics sponsored Ghanem Sons Inc.

asser Medical Complex systems Sixth Scientific Pediatrics Conference under the auspices of the company, "Ghanem Sons General Trading sole agent for milk Blemil Plus, in the Conference Hall building complex object in Khan Younis, was attended by 150 people, including specialists of Pediatrics.
This was His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Health: d. Scientific Conference was attended by Youssef Abu Rish, d. Jamal al-Hams / General Manager Nasser Medical Complex, d. Mohammed Zaqout editorial director Hospital, d. Ayesh Abdel Aal - Department of Pediatrics - Nasser Medical Complex, d. Ahmed al-Farra in today's scientific coordinator, d. Abdullah by God consultant and head of the Sadrist department, Abdel Aziz Rantisi Hospital, d. Tariq Daghma consultant pediatrics at Nasser Medical Complex, d. Salma Abu Hilal, a pediatrician, d. Sami al-Agha, a consultant and professor of radiology Azhar University science, d. Said Salah Consultant Pediatrics - Director of Turkish Friendship Hospital, d. Beautiful Bahnasawi consultant and head of the Department of endocrine glands - Abdel Aziz Rantisi Hospital, d. Ahmed Jabara consultant and head of the nursery section of the European Gaza Hospital, d. Raed Matar delegate Ghanim Sons General Trading Company representative of the charity, Dr. Ghanem Egyptian director of the company, d. Ali Osman consultant pediatrics at Nasser Medical Complex, d. Abdul Karim doorman consultant and head of the nursery section at Nasser Medical Complex, d. Mohammed al-Farra pediatrician at the European Hospital, d. Ahmed Ashour consultant ophthalmic European Gaza Hospital.
The conference comes in response to the urgent need for attention to the child's health, particularly in light of the difficult conditions and the blockade, which experienced the Gaza Strip after the last war, which resulted in the spread of diseases and epidemics dramatically, where the conference for sixth eat respectively latest modern medical developments related to pediatric disease and neonatal infections and diseases germ, and emergency diseases and digestive and respiratory and immune and blood, heart, eyes and intensive care in children.
He d. Abu Rish on the importance of this conference to promote the child's health in various ways. He praised d. Yusuf Abu Rish that in spite of what has passed through the Gaza Strip from difficult circumstances last of which was the last war, saying "this indicates anything but shows how the will of the people that do not break, and that these people deserve our giving and giving."
In turn, thanked d. Jamal al-Hams, Director General Nasser Medical Complex, everyone on the audience, and greeted the company sons Ghanem General Trading full sponsorship and its commitment to the success of science today, and accept the statistics that show the work of the children's section, saying "the number of deaths in children and nursery sections least year.
Last significantly and demanded to provide special needs children and the hospital in general. "